Jake, 5: "Salmon is my favorite kind of chicken."


Anna, 3 (speaking as Anna Cat): "The Princess put some magic on me so now I can talk."


I came out of the bedroom after changing Anna, didn't see Jake on the couch, and looked into the kitchen to see the fridge open and 2-year-old Jake darn near inside it. I yelled his name, and he jumps back guiltily and looks at me. "Hi, Mama, I'm putting the Coke away." He had pulled the Coke case next to him and was busy arranging the Coke in the fridge. He lined most of them up, then stacked a few on the bologna. He was so proud of himself for helping me. I was proud of him too.


Anna, 4: "Can I wait for the Tooth Fairy tonight?"

Mama: "No, she's kind of like Santa."

Anna: "You mean she has a beard?"


Jake, 2 (watching me seal an envelope): "No lick the mail, Mama."


So this morning I wake up to 4-year-old Anna, talking to something on the floor in our room.

"My, you're a big duck! OK."

Another minute goes by and she starts in with, "Duck, duck, duck, duck...."

So I quietly roll over and peek at her. She has arranged a dozen of Jake's cars into a circle and with the hand of her new Minnie doll (a bribe for getting a flu shot yesterday), she is tapping the top of each car and truck and playing Duck, Duck, Goose. She goes around the circle once, then chooses her goose -- a flatbed truck. The truck backs out and chases Minnie around the circle, but Minnie makes it there first. Anna spies me and says, "I'm playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Minnie's the Ducker."


Jake, 6: "Deck the Halls with Jolly Dollies!"


Anna, 4: "Okay, Jake. You be the daddy and I'll be the sweetie and you can buy me things."


Jake has always had a way with the ladies. Twice now on public transportation he has struck up a conversation with women nearby and got the whole bus talking and laughing with him. The first time, five-year-old Jake started chatting up a woman on an overcrowded bus at Disney World. By the end of the ride he was sitting on her lap and asking her to come swim in his hotel pool. The second time, a six-year-old Jake began conversing with two women on the Enterprise shuttle back to the airport. He told them about his stay at the beach; they told him to come visit them if he's ever in South Carolina. He turns to one of the women, looks her straight in the eye and says, "Okay. So what's your phone number?"


Anna, 4 (in the pesticide aisle at the hardware store): "So. What animal are we trying to kill now?"


Local Radio Station: We play for the 'burbs.

Jake, 6 (to Mama): They play for the birds.


Jake, 6 (writing on wipe board at a cousin's house): I doant like your cat.